Sadhana Forest


A wonderful project to help address drought and hunger in the world SADHANA FOREST who took heart in Auroville, India. Here are some video.

Designed in 2003, by Yorit and Aviram Rozin, to transform 70 acres of barren land into fertile soil, the project now plans to target reforestation and water conservation in some tropical areas generating improving the quality of life these rural communities and in a sustainable way.

About 1,000 volunteers and students, although involved in the organization, working each year to foster the establishment of forests on soils severely degraded, together with local populations. They have planted over 100,000 trees – in India, Haiti and more recently in Kenya. In particular, species of trees that fix atmospheric carbon in the soil with the use of simple and effective techniques to retain water. Now the Montreal Botanical Garden contributes to this project. The need for labor is still present. If you want to get involved, visit this page!

Offrande en forest

There are a few decades and similarly, Auroville was founded through the efforts of sixty pioneers who, at first, planted trees and trees and managed to establish a system of water retention, and make this desert and arid land what it is today.