It is April 10, 1971, in the french province of Quebec, the formal links between Auroville and Canada are established with the birth of the first association, then registered as the Development Corporation for Auroville Inc. May 9, 1978, the association took the name of Auroville International Quebec before becoming, November 30, 1993, Auroville International Canada. This is a charity run by volunteers, whose headquarters legal in Montreal, Quebec. Just like Auroville in India, our association has been some consolidation periods since its inception. It actually contains 30 members and currently twenty Canadians live in Auroville.

Since its inception, the premises of the association moved into private homes. Based for several years in Aylmer near Hull, the association has again moved to Montreal to be closer to the active core of its members. In the early 80s, the shop ‘Lueurs d’Auroville‘ offered a sales area of Auroville handicrafts and books of Sri Aurobindo and Mother Satprem and became a friendly meeting place and information.

Several members of Auroville and stays committed thereafter, to make the project Aurovilian to deliver gifts to Auroville and keep the flagship of this beautiful ideal, like all other centers Auroville International established in different countries.

In the summer of 2001, our 30th anniversary, our members have approved an amendment to its internal regulations to allow the establishment of provincial divisions outside of Quebec, and give greater participation of Canada in the cause Auroville. In fall 2001, a provincial division was created in the city of Toronto, Ontario, which is responsible Catherine Blackburn (see Association). This chapter aimed to serve this part of the country. In November 2005, we expand again our involvement with Canadian provincial representative in the person of Satya Bellerose for British Columbia (see Association).