Vision Future

Vision Future Project

The idea of this project, from Auroville International Canada, is to provide a financial help through our AVI associations for the housing of young people. It is a program of positive discrimination and personnalized approach aimed to facilitate the settlement of new Aurovilians. In fact, some young Newcomers, coming from outside,  with visa’s and acclimatization’s problems, etc, and  with little financial resources are not able to stay in Auroville, when they are accepted as Aurovilians because of a recurrent problem of lack of housing, depriving so Auroville from their talents and contribution.

A realistic goal is set, i.e. to reach the amount of the « Housing deposit » that each Newcomer becoming an Aurovilian has to contribute for his or her lodging (2 lakhs, or about Can$ 3600, U$ 3300, euros 2500, pounds 2000). If, after a delay of two years following the approval of the candidate in the program Vision future, this amount is not found, the fundraising for this candidate terminates, and another fundraising for a new candidate starts.

•  The program is proposed to all young Newcomers, aged from 20 to 35 old, coming from any country outside of India, getting the Newcomer statute since less of 6 months (statute confirmed by Entry service and published in th News and Notes). This period of 6 months allow us to morally support them along the whole process. Information about this program is provided to them by the Entry group, and people have to register on it if they wish. The financiary help is given to Auroville, not directly to a specific person. So if the entry process is not completed or positive, the money remains to the Housing department for another candidate.

•  The AVI representative in Auroville prepares in collaboration with the Entry group and the Housing group a notice of recommandation for each demand including :

  1. Photo
  2. Date of beginning of Newcomer’s statute
  3. General information (name, age, nationality, date of arrival in Auroville, familial statute, story, background, etc.)
  4. Activity of project of activity in Auroville

•  This notice is sent to all AVI associations that agree to participate. The AVIs transmit thereafter the information to their members and ask their participation.

•  The money collected is sent to Vision Future  Project fund and is managed by the Housing group for helping the lodging of this specific person or family.

On September 15th 2014, our goal to finance the « Housing deposit » for Betty and Julien has been reached through donations from UK, USA, France and Canada. Similarly, this funding was completed for Tahir in June 2015. Thanks to our generous donors!