It is with great pleasure that I learned the news. I am very grateful for this support that allows me to feel again and again, that life in Auroville is full of surprises and magic. A big thank you ..

Betty Presentation

My name is Betty Fourage, I am 33 years old. I am a French citizen. I live alone with my 8 year old daughter Lhasa. I have lived 10 years in Spain and 8 years with Lhasa before coming to Auroville in December 2011.

My arrival at Auroville even surprise me sometimes. In Spain I was working in an English photo Betty et Lhasa company, I had a life that I liked a lot. It was a wonderful place to raise my daughter. Having said that I felt in my interior that there was something more in life, and I couldn’t quite see myself staying in Spain. At the same time I had never heard of Auroville, just briefly of Sri Aurobindo and the mother with some friends, but nothing very specific. So I decided to take the risk out of my comfort zone and resign from my work. At the same time, I stopped eating meat and drinking alcohol. I’m still vegetarian and don’t drink. I was lying on my bed, I just closed my eyes and suddenly I felt as a very clear message that I should go to India, as if there was no doubt. I wonder why because I had never been to India previously. I knew just one Indian man who had guided me in the principles of meditation and mantras.

It was in July 2011. I searched for the possibility of a French school for the education of my daughter, I then discovered Pondicherry. Then in seeking ways of volunteering for me, I stumbled on Auroville. It is at this point that everything seemed obvious; Auroville was the place where we will be. It took me 5 months to leave everything behind us. My daughter and I took two suitcases, our two cats and a plane in the direction of Chennai.

I came to Auroville the day of my birthday, December 22, 2011, it was a very first gift to me, and from that day I feel that I received many others presents. Six days after our arrival, there were the cyclone Thane. It was for me very symbolic. Indeed, I was wondering if I had not made a mistake in leaving behind me 10 years of my life and all my friends. But I felt a resonance between the cyclone and my inner thoughts. Seeing nature take its place a few days after the disaster, I knew that I had to imitate this nature and bloom in this new life.

As expected, a few days after my arrival I started to work as a volunteer in the « Heath Service« . I worked there with the classification of the flower essences, but also in the hygiene in kitchens and restaurants of Auroville. This experience allowed me to go around Auroville, with my Tamil colleague, to go to meet many business units, schools, guest-houses, farms… This was perfect for me to orientate myself in Auroville, know more about It and meet more aurovilians.

After a few months I saw an announcement in the News and Notes. Transition school was looking for someone to teach French. I had never taught but I had this dream for a long time. I submitted and I have followed a ‘teacher training‘ from March to late April. During the month of June, I had 3 classes. However, I continued to work in the Health Service. I also do 3 hours as a Reiki Master Teacher (healing by laying on of hands and energy transmission) in the centre of Pitanga since more than a year. I love this time in the centre of Pitanga.

After almost 2 years I live in Auroville with my daughter, I of course got to know the work of mother and Sri Aurobindo. I read a lot. I am fortunate to have met a large number of elders, pioneers, who teach me and gave me much sharing. I feel particularly connected to mother. I go regularly to the Matrimandir, it has become a need and a pleasure for me.

I feel total connection with Auroville and Mother and I spend a lot of time in Matrimandir. Here, I feel in my place, and my daughter grow up with a wonderful aspiration.