It was learned that the home deposit are now covered. This is very good news. Betty and I are super grateful, and it feels especially lucky. Friendships ..

Julien Presentation

I’m Julien Armagnac, I’m French, 33 years old and I’m single with no children. I work in Savi since May 2012, after coming to Auroville twice during five weeks as a guest. It was in August 2011 and March 2012.

In a sense, I would say that I discovered Auroville « by experience » since I had never heard anything about it. The first time, I accompanied a friend who used to come every year for almost 20 years. It was my first « real » trip, I had no expectations other than « see » novelty. photo Julien Before coming to Auroville, I have been working for 8 years in a french call center. My job was commercial and technical support by phone, for Internet service Provider. Then I trained in Massage + « help- relationship », called « relation d’aide » in french. The training was spread over two years, about 800 hours. Then I started a course of osteopathy that should last 4 years. I came to Auroville after the second year. I loved a lot osteopathy. Then, I came here the first time, and on my return to France, I can not explain why, but I could not any more focus on osteopathy. I was very conscientious and diligent in these studies, but … « It did not work any more. » And little by little, I had only one idea in mind: experience « the unknown », living a life I knew nothing in advance. It was a desire to prove to me that we can trust blindly in life.

What I have been living here is a kind of constant construction and confirmation of certain beliefs and spiritual aspirations. Auroville who once appeared to me as a « atypical phenomenon atypical », I see it today as an ambitious fresh project, a very young city, just waiting for our creativity to grow and improve. I heard « disappointment » from people who came a few months, sometimes a few weeks only, and described a sort of « false advertising » that exists around Auroville. I think I could avoid such disappointment as I heard nothing of the project.

What I want to bring to Auroville is creativity, to serve what I call a re-humanized world. The task is heavy, long, I can see that in my work with Savi. But the freedom to create that Auroville offers is a huge and exciting opportunity. I’m interested to « personal development« , which I do through all my days. Daily situations are my field of work. Acceptance, motivation, dedication are values that I try to care.

This is because of many events which highly changed my life that I came to want to settle here, maybe start a family and I still integrate Auroville ideals and culture. My financial situation has allowed me to fully finance one year volunteering and would allow me to be self-sufficient for 1 year and a half, maybe more. It have today 2300 euros in my bank account and I do not have regular income.

I intend to continue to dedicate myself to Savi for which I created a network of affordable housing for the volunteers (about 40 beds between 1000 and 6000 Rs per month per person, all are in Auroville). I am also involved in administrative activities, in the internal life of the unit and the analyse of needs volunteering of the units. I help the French Pavillon by transcriptions, translations and advices software. Finally, I am also care-taker of the building Muyarchi in Surrender.