Tahir Presentation

My name is Tahir Kedir Hussein. I am from Shashemene‘s area, a town located in the middle of Ethiopia, Africa. I was born on 1992. I was studying at school and I heard about Auroville in 2010 from people working in Auroville who came for a conference in Ethiopia. So from then onwards I have been reading and thinking about visiting Auroville.

Photo de TahirFinally I decided and arrived in Auroville in 2012. Thereafter I started volunteering in Bamboo Centre, in African House and at Unity pavilion. Later on, I had to go back to Ethiopia for my entry visa and returned to Auroville after two months. I started officially my process of Newcomer in July 2014.

I am working full time as manager at Sacred Groves Housing Project which taught me a lot about architecture and community living. I am also working as caretaker at Africa House.

I personally like working in workshop making furniture and on site supervising housing construction. I gained lot of experience in also co-ordinating and managing building materials and workers group.

The opportunities in Auroville made me want to contribute with energy there. I am very fond of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and was touched by their ideas.

I am also here to practice the integral yoga and to work for human unity. I wish to work for the betterment of my soul and to follow the Mother’s vision and her footsteps that make me a part of Auroville and its dreams. I thank the Mother and her vision that has brought me to Auroville and to be a part of it.